What to write???

I never know what to put on an “About Us” page.  I mean, seriously, does anybody really read this drivel?  I’m probably going to sit here for an hour and a half trying to discern the best way to describe myself on a page that nobody is really going to read anyways.  I’m sure most people couldn’t care less what school I went to and how long I’ve been doing this as long as my portfolio page has some really great projects in it.  And let’s face it, looking at the state of web design in the Bahamas today, my portfolio doesn’t even need to be that good, it just has to be better than the other websites you’ve visited in your search for a Bahamian web design company (which isn’t really saying much).  You can learn more about me and my services by comparing my portfolio to other designers than you can by any self-absorbed hype that I write on this page (go ahead, I’ll wait).

Who am I?

My name is Christopher Thronebury and I love designing high quality websites.  I started 242 Studios in 2006 after bearing witness to the poor quality (I’m fighting not to use other adjectives) of web design work available to Bahamians.  In addition to the look of the website, I also place high importance on the functionality and value that a website provides for a business.  It doesn’t make sense to have a website if it’s not improving your business in some way.  To this end, I’ve also started the Bahamas Web Design Blog so that I can share my tips and experience to fellow Bahamians even if they are not currently one of my customers.

Please make sure to visit my portfolio section to see samples of previous work that I’ve done.  Also, you can visit the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.